Tim Harrison –  Bandleader – Trumpet, bass guitar, vocals


Tim formerly played with the Golden Impalas, the top dance band in Baltimore for close to 20 years.  The “Impalas,” as they came to be known, played every major venue in and around Baltimore.  Having been a member of the group for close to 10 years, Tim has well over a thousand professional gigs under his belt.  Tim started playing trumpet at the age of 8, and studied trumpet and music theory at The Peabody Conservatory.


Tim started the Everlasting Love Dance Band in the spring of 2017 with the idea of recreating the “magic” of his former group – a versatile live 6-piece dance band comprised of the area’s top musicians.

In deciding on the core repertoire for the group, Tim consulted lists of the Top 200 dance tunes of the last 40 years.  Not surprisingly, the “traditional” tunes that folks enjoy dancing to the most change very little over time.  The group’s core repertoire is comprised of these traditional timeless dance tunes.

Elliot Simon – Keyboard, vocals, accordion, rhythm guitar


Elliot Simon was born and raised in New York City.  He comes from a music business family, including relatives that were professional singers and instrumentalists.  Elliot’s father was a lyricist, worked for record companies, and was a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.  Among others, his dad wrote for Nat King Cole.  His mother was a singer, and his step-mom was an actress and produced off-Broadway plays. 

Elliot started playing accordion at the age of eight and then moved on to piano and guitar – studying piano at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.  He has played in jazz bands, rock bands, folk-country combos and even played in an accordion orchestra. 

Connie Castanera –  vocals, ukulele, percussion

Connie started pursuing her interest in singing as a member of choral groups in junior high school and high school, as well as in church.  In the 1980s, she was one of the lead vocalists for Fantasy, a Top-40 group based in central New Jersey.


Connie currently plays the ukulele, and is part of the Woods Ukulele Club, located in Hedgesville, WV.  When she’s not singing or playing “uke,” Connie adds back-up percussion on numerous songs in the band’s repertoire.  A lover of music, she enjoys many genres, with classic rock and latin being her favorites.

Mark Eisenstadt – Drums


Mark is a CPA, and works in the Office of the CFO for the Department of Homeland Security.  He enjoys playing all styles and genres, which is particularly important in a versatile “dance band” like the Everlasting Love Dance Band.  Whether oldies/classic rock, swing, latin, waltz, or another style, dancers can count on Mark’s steady beat. 


Mark is an experienced drummer, including having played with his two musician sons (one a drummer, the other a guitar playing and singer songwriter).  Mark is a team player, who takes the roll of a drummer seriously, and enjoys delivering a professional quality sound. 

Bob Murphy – Upright bass, dobro, lead/rhythm guitar


Bob Murphy grew up in the sixties, a time when music was a big part of every young person’s life.  He was influenced by the Beatles and the Motown sound, and considers Johnny Cash and Henry Mancini major influences as well.  After putting his love of music on hold for many years, Bob decided to “catch-up” on everything that he loved and missed about playing guitar. With the guidance of his classical guitar teacher, he developed a passion for reading and understanding music, and has not looked back since. Being blessed with mechanical skill, Bob not only plays but repairs all types of instruments from fiddles to banjos to accordions. Always ready to add something complimentary to any arrangement, Bob prides himself on being a solid accompanist.